Your body is a journey to the temple of your spirit. With each asana you reconfigure and release the resistance that restrains you from your true power. As you hold a posture, energy sings within your blood, shackles fall away.  The breath is your sacred guide, opening doors before you arrive until you can gather every ounce of your magnificent presence.

Your practice is a burning flame purifying the veils of illusion until your focus becomes diamond hard and bright. Your body like the kundalini snake moves in all directions, gathering intensity, until it becomes pure fluidity. You see past the solidity of the body to its true transparency. Your energy collects in the crucilble of your being as pure light.

Now you can begin to breathe with your whole being. In your transparent state there is no more in breath or out breath. Your breath is one with the heartbeat of the Earth.
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    Creativebeing Pathways
    Polarity Therapy
    Aromatherapy Massage
    Assisted meditation
    Flower essence consultation
  • Shamanic journeys

Creative being pathways opens a dialogue between you and your inner guidance. Through a series of sessions you will learn to access your life purpose, your talents, your hidden gifts and untapped potential. This process is recommended to those who wish to find new and life affirming ways to live their lives.

Whether you wish to stimulate your creativity in a chosen field or find clarification in how to define your role in the workplace, this 12 step programme is designed for you. An ideal journey for those experiencing mid-life crisis, retirement, divorce or creative burnout. These are gateway moments where we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our choices, our priorities, and our sense of self.

 Through a rich process of dialogue, visualization, spiritual psychotherapy and guidance, you will take the journey of a lifetime that will bring you closer to your Self. This Self is your authentic nature which when finally expressed gives life meaning and inner fulfillment. for more info: call Krysia 514 695 7950

This process includes hypnotherapy, counselling, bodywork ,energy healing, mandala making and breathwork

Holistic hypnotherapy is a blend of creative visualization, affirmation and deep relaxation.   A perfect tool to manage stress, Holistic hypnotherapy teaches you how to release deep seated tensions and anxieties, replacing them with confidence and inner peace.

Holistic hypnotherapy looks at the root causes of a problem and treats the whole person not just the symptom. Therapy is always done with a deep caring and respect for the client and their needs.

We know that all disease originates with stress. Stress often arises out of patterns of thought that need to be turned around. Once we reframe our thinking , making it work for us rather than against us, great things can happen.

Being in "the zone" means that the brain waves are in a state receptive to change. In alpha the brain is meditative. Hypnosis takes the brain even deeper , into theta where imagery and suggestion reframe our behaviours.

The natural outcome of a yoga practice is meditation. Meditation arises after you have learned to relax. Our first thought of what relaxation might be does not compare to the truth of what relaxation can be. It is , in fact , a gradual process of dropping away fear. Fear is the tension behind all of the muscular tensions of the body and that tension permeates body and mind until it is deliberately released.

Yoga teaches us how to use our breathing to move into all of those tight , held areas. With the exhalation we learn how to gradually surrender tension, layer by layer. The postures help us to find those typical sites of tension, through stretching. The breath does the rest. As each area is de-stressed, the inhalation replaces that stressed area with new vitality and a feeling of spaciousness.

It is here that meditation begins, as we enter that new spaciousness within. The relaxed body can sit without stirring, poised like the lily floating on water. The medium that the meditator floats on is the breath.

The process of relaxation continues as we apply our attention in meditation. Continuing to relax, we now can relax the mind gradually. Tension in the mind is called thinking. As we surrender mental tension we surrender thought. We replace this thinking tension with pure space. Now we are beginnning to be here.

Now your yoga practice is done and it is time to draw up a pillow for the sitting part of your practice. The breath is steady and full. A deep peace permeates your body. The mind feels vast like the sky.

Take a moment to extend into space leaving your personal identity behind. Using your awareness like a needle, thread through the eye of that needle into a transpersonal sense of yourself. All of a sudden your perspective has shifted radically.

Entering the realm of the heart, free yourself from any dark or heavy emotion leaving the heart to claim its true vibration of unconditional love. As the heart opens, the breath deepens. You feel as vast as the ocean floor.

Dive into the sound of ommm. It resonates in the silence of your stillness. Dissolve in that vibration, floating like the lotus, radiating light.

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Life essence Creations Aromatherapy Blends:  treat yourself!
Now available in 30ml. bottles for personal use/gifts.

Made with pure essential oils in an almond oil base.  These blends are fresh blended at therapeutic grade (very concentrated). A little goes a long way. Use them topically, in massage or put a teaspoon in the bath for an aromatherapy bath experience.

$20 each
Aromatherapy massage is a specific type of massage treatment. It is known as the international method because aroma therapists worldwide practice it. This massage is designed to introduce the benefits of the essential oils into the body most efficiently by using a combination of strokes, acupressure, and energy balancing over many parts of the body. 

The first thing to determine is the correct blend of oils to use. Each essential oil has true medicinal properties and is a type of herbal medicine in concentrated form. The molecules of the essential oils pass into the interstitial spaces between the cells and are conducted to various parts of the body through the blood stream. Different oils have affinity to different body systems. For instance, geranium essential oil has an affinity with the hormonal system, chamomile with the digestive and nervous systems. The study of the actions of the oils is the study of aromatherapy. 





A mandala of alchemical change : It shows the eternal spirit or consciousness surrounded by the yin/yang of opposites that determine our outer world. As emotions and reactions are transformed or sublimated, the chalice of the chakras where all growth takes place, is transformed. The seed self or essential self is held in the chrysalis of change.We give birth to ourselves daily.


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