Backed by Science

"I love the principle you teach. To almost try trick the mind from rule-governed, thinking"

Sam - IBM science consultant

"I was surprised by how I felt … I really feel that my mind is more flexible."

Judith - Chemist

"I felt so on fire with how it was making my brain come up with things"

Lela-Kate - fashion designer
Dream Wheel

Dreaming: the great untapped source of creativity.

What if you could learn to RECALL many more of your dreams every morning?

And what if you could INFLUENCE THE CONTENT of your dreams so they could help you work on particular creative challenges you face?  

That’s what the Dream Wheel is for.

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Access your creative genius through simple science-based daily exercises with leading expert Dr. Michael Bloomfield
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10 of the Secrets I've taught to teams at IBM, Starbucks and more

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