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The Walled Garden

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Using your

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Two Objects

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The Cat and the Butterfly

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"I felt more clarity in my creative ideas and decision making"

What you will learn...

Combination Play


Transformation Play

Imagination Growth

Creative Science

Wake / Sleep Cycle

Morning Routines

Body Hacks

And more...

Your Teacher

Dr Michael Bloomfield

Michael is a leading creativity expert. He has given numerous talks on creativity and innovation to global organisations including IBM, Barclays Bank and Deloitte.

"A transformative class!"

A transformative class ... I inverted my approach to problem-solving through an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable process.

The Guardian Masterclass Attendee
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Is this for me?

Creativity is everything for a creator. 

You live and die by the quality of your ideas. 

You feel like creativity is a huge mystery, even for you.

The quality of your ideas is never predictable, leading to anxiety. 

Worse still, you sometimes get a creative block and the flow of ideas just stops. 

You find yourself thinking ‘Am I cut out for this’?

“Are my best ideas behind me?”

There is an easier way to become more creative, in a way that is predictable, easy and actually feels good!

I’ve developed a complete system for tapping into your creative brain - a unique strategy that allows you to do WAY less, with MORE impact and the core of that system is ‘the creative mindset’.

The creative mindset isn’t just “another thing” to focus on. It’s THE thing to focus on.

Listen, I know you may think that there is no formula for creativity. 

That creativity is just something that you’re born with.

A magical power you either have or you don’t.


When it comes to creativity, research shows that creativity can be CULTIVATED, and it can be done quickly and effectively.

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Train your Imagination

"I love the principle you teach. To almost try trick the mind from rule-governed, thinking"

Sam - IBM science consultant
Feel more Creative

"I was quite surprised by how I felt … I really feel that my mind is more flexible."

Judith - Chemist
Find your Ideas

"I felt really on fire with how it was making my brain come up with things"

Lela-Kate - fashion designer