"I love the principle you teach. To almost try trick the mind from rule-governed, thinking"

Sam - IBM science consultant

“An infectious sense of humour and an enthralling narrative on creativity”

Omnicom / PHD Media

“The talk was great and the presentation style engaging”

Barclays Business Banking

Live Masterclasses

Dr Michael Bloomfield is an expert in creativity training, and can equip your people with empowering ways to enable and develop creativity in your organisation.

We have coached teams from P&G, Deloitte, IBM, Barclays and more.

90-Day Creative Journal

Our 90-day journalling course helps you learn the fundamentals of creativity and teaches a uniquely powerful set of conceptual and practical tools to comprehend creativity - and cultivate it.

First of its kind

Creative Thinking App

Our imagination exercises have helped people...

Formulate stronger ideas
Unlock creative blocks
Improve decision making
Increase focus
Increase neuroplasticity

"I felt more clarity in my creative ideas and decision making"

We teach your people...

Combination Play


Transformation Play

Imagination Growth

Creativity Science

Dream Work

Morning Routines

Body Hacks

Creative Meditation

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