We believe in a more imaginative world.

About Creative Being

Creative Being uses cutting-edge scientific research combined with an unparalleled understanding of the nature of creativity to provide unique ways for people to become more creative and fulfil their potential.

We’ve seen the future – and it’s creative. With AI increasingly making standard intelligence unremarkable, the next phase of human development requires you to increase your creative intelligence to survive, thrive and feel alive.

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  • Most people are not living up their creativity potential
  • Everyone wants to come up with the next big idea
  • A creative mind is a healthier mind and adds meaning to life
  • Top 3 skills for the future in the entire world of work
  • CEOs say it is the No. 1 business leadership skill
  • Within 10 years 50% S&P 500 are forecast to be replaced due to creative destruction

And lets not forget the Science bit

3 Requisites

Understanding creativity is predicated on first being able to define it. 

Based on scientific findings and a deep reading of human cultural experience, we’ll show you the three requisites which must all be in place for any idea to qualify as creative. 

7 Pillars

Learning how to be more creative is a complex process, involving highly varied forms of experience.

These experiences can be boiled down to seven types, each of which will be explained in detail - and demonstrated in practice.

Generator Theory

Creative thinking has a set of hidden rules at the mental level. 

Generator Theory is the first model that provides what these rules (“Generators”) are precisely. 

Learn the (ten) Generators and anyone can become fluent in Creative.  

Our co-founder

Dr Michael Bloomfield

Dr. Michael Bloomfield is a creativity expert and anthropologist with a PhD from the University of East London, where he is a former lecturer. 

He proposed the first unified scientific theory of creativity, Generator Theory, as described in his 2015 book The Creativity Code. Michael now teaches people how to think more creatively and imaginatively. His brainchild, the Creative Being app, started life as a concept pitched to (and rejected by) Nintendo in 2008, and is finally here to enable anyone to increase their creative intelligence.

Michael’s work has been published in the Guardian newspaper and he has run creativity programmes for the Guardian, IBM, Barclays Bank, phd media, FleishmanHillard Fishburn and others.

Michael regularly writes for the Creative Being blog and other websites, and he continues to create work in art, music and other media.